Meeting Location: F12

Time: 3:00-4:00pm 

Sponsor: Tanya Maness & Mandy Martin 

Purpose:  Prepare and participate in AceDec competition by studying materials, preparing speeches, practicing interview skills, and working to develop a competitive team.

African Student Association

Meeting Location: W15

Time: Club Day

Sponsor: Felecia Ford 

Purpose: To learn about the diversity of Africa and its people.

Animal Rescue Club

Meeting Location: B14

Time: Club Day & After School TB

Sponsor: Stephanie Pittman & Brooke Monroe 

Purpose: To raise awareness about animal shelter organizations, to hold donation drives for items for local shelters and to find opportunities to reach out to organizations.

Art Club

Meeting Location: J7

Time: Wednesday 3:00-4:30 

Sponsor: Anna Guillory  

Purpose: Increase arts awareness and appreciation.

Bell Guard

Meeting Location: F9

Time: Club Day/Football Games

Sponsor: Corey Nieman 

Purpose: Exhibit and promote school spirit during Football games.

*Prerequisite Required* 

Best Buddies

Meeting Location: B14

Time: Every Friday 

Sponsor: Guillory & Millstid  

Purpose: To promote and encourage friendships and social interactions between students with and without Intellectual Disabilities.

*Prerequisite Required* 

Black Student Association of MHS

Meeting Location: B2

Time: After School TBA

Sponsor: Tanya Richards 

Purpose: For students to learn about African American history, leaders, activist, culture, etc. Also, to bring students together through various events.

Chess Club

Meeting Location: U11

Time: Advisory

Purpose: Promote chess playing.

Sponsor: Byron Barrett

Coloring Club

Meeting Location: R10

Time: Club Day 

Sponsor: Terese Henry 

Purpose: Relaxation, de-stress, creativity, visual representation.


Meeting Location: R11

Time: 1st and 3rd Wednesday. 3:00-3:45

Sponsor: Betsy Whiting 

Purpose: Prepare and compete in debate tournaments

Drama/Thespian Club

Meeting Location: L2

Time: Club Day 

Sponsor: Altraniecia Starr

Purpose: To enable Students to gain an appreciation for the arts and to increase self-confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of responsibility by providing an opportunity to participate in theatre activities.

FCA: Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Meeting Location: U15

Time: Club Day 

Sponsor: Matt Walker 

Purpose: To present athletes and coaches, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church.

Freshman Class

Meeting Location: JV Gym 

Time: Class Meetings 

Sponsor: Matt Waldmann, Amy Adams, & Dylan Radach 

Purpose: Encourage school spirit, plan fund raising, and improve campus life.

Future Aviators Club

Meeting Location: B9

Time: After School TBA

Sponsor: Jakob Howe

Purpose: To bring together students who have an interest in the world of aviation and aerospace. Also, students will explore career and educational possibilities within this field.

Future Medical Professionals

Meeting Location: Ben Barber

Time: After School TBA. Room A205

Sponsor: Shelia Holbrooks 

Purpose: To prepare students for a profession in the medical field.


Meeting Location: J4

Time: Advisory

Sponsor: Kim Lovelace & Allison Foster-Haliburton 

Purpose: Bring together LGBTQ and Straight students to support each other, provide a safe place to socialize and create a platform for fighting homophobia.

Hockey Club

Meeting Location: W12

Time: Every other Tuesday 

Sponsor: Joseph Kelly 

Purpose: To promote the growth and development of the hockey team on campus. To promote the student body to attend games and show support

Introduction to Medical Professional Occupations (IMPO)

Meeting Location :H9 

Time: Once a month 

Sponsor: Rebecca Dashner 

Purpose: Expose students to practicing healthcare professionals (physicians, dentists, etc.) and professions. Learn what courses to take within a particular interest. 

Interact Club

Meeting Location: U7

Time: Club Day 

Sponsor: Michael Bertucci & Darrell Thorley 

Purpose: Interact gives students the chance to make a real difference while having fun. Interact club carries out two main service projects a year: one that helps their school (we help sponsor the district’s special needs prom in April) and one that promotes international understanding.

Junior Class

Meeting Location: JV Gym 

Time: Class Meetings 

Sponsor: Alicia Hardin & Brandi Gates 

Purpose: Encourage school spirit, plan fund raising, and improve campus life

Key Club

Meeting Location: F9

Time: Thursday at 3:00 PM

Sponsor: Corey Nieman & Terese Henry 

Purpose: Develop initiative and leadership, provide experience in living and working together, and serve the school and community.

K- POP/K- Drama Club

Meeting Location: R14

Time: After School TBA

Sponsor: Corinne Thomason 

Purpose: Explore aspects of K-Pop/K-Drama, singing, dancing, viewing videos, listening to music, & having discussions.

Latin American Student Association

Meeting Location: L3

Time: Club Day & TBA 

Sponsor: Sherry Wright 

Purpose: To showcase the diverse culture and traditions of Latin American students at MHS. Also, to promote diversity on a new level.

Ladies Leading Ladies Club (Triple L)

Meeting Location: DLL

Time: Club Day 

Sponsor: Haygood 

Purpose: To provide mentoring to females on etiquette and to help develop positive social, emotional and leadership skills.

League of Legends (Gaming)

Meeting Location: U14/F1

Time: Club Day & Fridays 

Sponsor: Rhys Kadekawa & Byron Barrett 

Purpose: To provide a place for student gamers to socialize and play in person as opposed to virtually.

Mansfield Speaks

Meeting Location: Office 

Time: N/A

Sponsor: Ashley Alloway 

Purpose: Create a forum for sharing ideas and promoting positive communication.

*Prerequisite Required

Men Mentoring Men Club (Triple M)

Meeting Location: W12

Time: Club Day

Sponsor: Joseph Kelly & Darrell Robertson 

Purpose: To provide mentoring to males on etiquette and to help develop positive social, emotional and leadership skills

MSA Muslim Student Association

Meeting Location: W6

Time: Club Day 

Sponsor: Heather Jungman  

Purpose: Not only to educate Muslims and non- Muslims of Islam but to bring a more positivity to the perception of Islam with community service opportunities and other social events.

Multicultural Club

Meeting Location: T9

Time: Club Day 

Sponsor: Tammy Watson 

Purpose: Promote cultural awareness and improve campus life.

Ping Pong Club

Meeting Location: B7

Time: Friday 2:55-4:00 

Sponsor: Michael Withers 

Purpose: To play ping pong, help beginners, have fun, play in tournaments in the Winter and Spring

Pom Squad

Meeting Location: B2

Time: TBA

Sponsor: Tanya Richards 

Purpose: To empower girls through the art of secular dance and hip-hop movements.

Retro Revival

Meeting Location: F8

Time: 1st & 3rd Wednesday of every month

Sponsor: Carol Roland 

Purpose: To revive the nostalgic moments of the 80’s & 90’s culture through music, movies, and sharing. 


Meeting Location: F6

Time: Club Day 

Sponsor: Joshua Rhoades 

Purpose: To promote engineering and science to the student body.

Role Playing Games (RPG Club)

Meeting Location: R14

Time: After School TBA

Sponsor: Corinne Thomason  

Purpose: To play different RPG games and have fun with others in the Club.

Senior Class

Meeting Location: JV Gym 

Time: Class Meetings 

Sponsor: Chrissy Boydstun, Linsey June, & Ashely Kavanagh

Purpose: Encourage school spirit, plan fund raising, and improve campus life. Join us as a senior volunteer as we plan exciting events each month to celebrate senior year! Events include: Homecoming, Senior Tailgate, Powder Puff, Senior Week, Prom, Senior Sunset, etc. 

Scuba Diving Club

Meeting Location: B4

Time: Advisory

Sponsor: Scott Holmes  

Purpose: To spread environmental awareness about ocean pollution and give students a chance to experience a part of our planet through scuba diving.

Spike Ball Club

Meeting Location: B14

Time: Club Day & TBA 

Sponsor: Adria Hoyle 

Purpose: To provide a fun and friendly time for students at MHS to play spike ball games together.

Song Writer's Club

Meeting Location: Choir Room

Time: Club Day &  TBA

Sponsor: Reggie Wright 

Purpose: To bring together those who have a love for a beautiful form of expression that is song writing. Also, to introduce those to this form of musical art and showcase students’ talents in a safe environment.

Sophomore Class

Meeting Location: JV Gym 

Time: Class Meetings 

Sponsor: Michelle Hamilton & Blair Reed 

Purpose: Encourage school spirit, plan fund raising, and improve campus life.

Stepping With Pursuit

Meeting Location: T16

Time: After School TBA

Sponsor:Tammy Watson 

Purpose: Show school spirit by performing with passion and drive through rhythmic step movement.

*Prerequisite Required

Student Council

Meeting Location: R3

Time: TBA

Sponsor: Ryan Golden & Felecia Ford 

Purpose: Promote Pride & Patriotism in all school sponsored activities.

*Prerequisite Required


Meeting Location: H4 or Library 

Time: TBA

Sponsor: Angela Fore & Katie Fell 

Purpose: To encourage students to learn about careers in education and assist them in exploring the teaching profession while promoting character, service and leadership skills necessary for becoming effective educators.

*Prerequisite Required 


Meeting Location: B6

Time: Tuesdays 

Sponsor: Dawn Welch 

Purpose: To promote interest in STEM - math, science, engineering and technology. Also, compete in T.A.M.E. competitions.

The Movement

Meeting Location: W6

Time: Club Day 

Sponsor: Heather Jungman 

Purpose: To create and organize events in order to raise money to donate to charities.

Tiger Ambassadors

Meeting Location: H6

Time: Club Day 

Sponsor: Stephanie Martinez,  Michelle Dudley, & Ryan Pollard

Purpose: To connect mentees with ambassadors in order to help mentees acclimate to the high school atmosphere or to a new campus. 

*Prerequisite Required 

Tigers Untamed

Meeting Location: W2

Time: TBA

Sponsor: Alana Clark & Adria Hoyle 

Purpose: To promote school spirit and enhance the student section in all sports and fine arts events. Open to Juniors and Seniors.


Meeting Location: B6

Time: B6

Sponsor: Dawn Welch & Alana Clark 

Purpose:  To organize and properly supervise contests that assist in preparing students for competitions. It aims to provide healthy, character building, educational activities carried out under rules providing for good sportsmanship and fair play for all participants.

Youth In Government (YMCA)

Meeting Location: W13 

Time: Club Day & TBA 

Sponsor: Mary Ann Knight 

Youth Political Action Committee (YPAC)

Meeting Location: R18

Time: Club Day & After School 

Sponsor: Ashley Kavanagh 

Purpose: To help teenagers become responsible citizens and future leaders of our nation. Also, by increasing their political awareness and understanding, while learning the meaning of social action through an actual experience in government

Zen Club

Meeting Location: W4

Time: Club Day & TBA 

Sponsor: Matt Waldmann 

Purpose: To teach students how to manage stress, anxiety, and course workloads in a healthy way.